Entre Les Bras

Entre les Bras
2011, Documentary

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In 2009, the three-Michelin-starred French chef Michel Bras decides to hand his restaurant over to his son, Sebastien, who has been working with him for 15 years. Entre Les Bras tells the story of the extraordinary dishes prepared by a father and son in the hilly landscape of the Aubrac region of France. We follow this gastronomic transmission in an intimate, moving and joyful portrait of this outstanding family devoted to Haute Cuisine across three generations.

Directed By: Paul Lacoste

Produced By: Gaelle Bayssiere, Didier Creste, Sarah Chazelle, Etienne Ollagnier, Jaime Mateus-Tique

Cast: Michel Bras, Sebastian Bras

Festivals & Awards:
Berlin International Film Festival 2012 ‑ Culinary Cinema
International Film Festival of San Francisco 2012
Seattle International Film Festival 2012
City of Lights, City of Angels (Col-Coa) Los Angeles 2012
Moscow Film Festival 2012

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