the healer

La Tercera Orilla
2014, Drama

havana berlin best film best director    

Nicholas lives in a small town in Entre Rios. He maintains a special relationship with his father, a respected local physician. This is the story of a father and his teenage son at a time in their lives when paternal laws are rejected and each is forced to find his own way and his own voice.

Directed By: Celina Murga

Screenplay By: Celina Murga, Gabriel Medina

Cast: Alian Devetac, Daniel Veronese, Gaby Ferrero

Produced By: Martin Scorsese, Juan Villegas, Alexander Djeranian, Jan vander Zanden, Peter Rommel, Jaime Mateus-Tique, Diego Dubcovsky, Julia Solomonoff

Festivals & Awards:

Havana Film Festival 2014: Winner - Best Screenplay (Celina Murga, Gabriel Medina)
Berlin International Film Festival 2014: Nominated - Golden Bear Award
Argentinean Film Critics Association Awards 2015: Nominated - Best Film, Best Director (Celina Murga), Best Supporting Actor (Daniel Veronese), Best Supporting Actress (Gaby Ferrero), Best Screenplay (Celina Murga, Gabriel Medina), Best Editing (Eliane Katz), Best New Actor (Alian Devetac), Best Sound (Andreas Ruft, Federico Billordo)

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